Putting the art in Artistic Gymnastics

Putting the art in Artistic Gymnastics - Australian gymnast puts the art in Artistic Gymnastics.
Australian gymnast puts the art in Artistic Gymnastics.

What form does the art in Artistic Gymnastics take?

Is it the strange expressions of concentration on the faces of the gymnasts as they prepare for and execute a move? A dramatic component like a mime performing on stage.

Is it the colorful costumes worn by the gymnasts? Like the plumage of birds in a ritual display.

Both of these elements play their part, but the artistic expression in gymnastics is provided by the cohesion of the dance. Unlike gymnastics elements, dance is more than a sequence of elements or moves one after the other. It commands and holds attention through having continuity of visual impact. Dance has an intimate emotional connection to the music joined with it in the performance.

Yet to have the greatest impact the dancer appears to be making no effort at all. An illusion which pulls those who are watching into the world of the performer. It catches the imagination, and for a short time the watchers feel like they are performing with all the skill and charisma of the one who is the center of attention.

How does this fit into an Australian Gymnastics routine?

A gymnast whose moves appear to be effortless can transition from one move to the next smoothly. The execution of each element will be neater and more controlled, allowing immediate progression from one element to the next to give bonus points.

Best of all, every human movement has its own natural rhythm. When we learn to work with our own natural rhythm, injuries become less likely to happen.

Dance encourages physical self awareness and firmly places art in Artistic Gymnastics.