Once Upon A Time Gymnastics


Once upon a time, gymnastics was a popular sport. Many people participated in activities encouraging fitness and fun.

Recreational gymnastics was enjoyed by the very young to older adults. A few young people became serious about gymnastics as a competitive sport; these individuals were prepared to put in many hours of training in order to excel in skills learned from their coaches.

Effects of Lock Down on Gymnasts

Then communities were locked down and prevented from participating in physical group activities. It did not take much time before strength started fading away, even when individual exercise was done at home. Flexibility almost invisibly retreated, with the exercises more specific to gymnastics activities reduced. 'Working from home' did not work very well at all without the guidance of coaches and with lack of access to appropriate equipment. Bad habits tended to creep in, with an increased risk of injury.

But the gymnasts patiently waited,

And waited,

And waited..........

Once Upon A Time Gymnastics - Effects of Lock Down on Gymnasts.
Effects of Lock Down on Gymnasts.

Eventually, they were able to gather in the gym again. But things were not quite the same as before: even sitting on the crash mats created some difficulty, and getting up again! Nearly impossible!

Still, the retired gymnasts could reminisce about how things used to be, and hope there would be some young gymnasts around to listen. Except it had been such a long time since the gyms could be operated as a business, much equipment had long since been recycled as scrap, and young people had found other things to occupy themselves with.

The idea of fitness and fun through structured activities had become old fashioned. Besides which, it was too expensive to set up a similar business enterprise again: the capital cost for equipment was too high. Nobody could have predicted this would happen, could they?