Career Paths for Australian Gymnasts


The main career paths for Australian gymnasts are as gymnastics coaches. Employment as a gymnastics coach can be with an established club, or by becoming the owner or manager of a new club.

Career Paths for Australian Gymnasts - Australian gymnast getting ahead in life.
Australian gymnast getting ahead in life.

Australian Gymnastics Coach Accreditation

Gymnastics Australia offers an online Beginner Coaching Course, which is a general pre-requisite before any other face to face coaching course can be done. These courses are offered in various club venues in the different states throughout the year, at additional cost to participants. The choice of which gym sport to pursue higher accreditation in is made after the successful completion of both parts of the Beginner Coaching Course.

This accreditation is recognised in all clubs affiliated with Gymnastics Australia, and is often used as a marketing strategy by the clubs.

Club Management

A gymnastics club can be set up as an independent business, where the owner manages it and takes responsibility for running it effectively. The rewards of a good business are shown in the profit it generates. The owner-manager is likely to receive higher pay than someone who is an employee of a club.

Wages for coaches are calculated according to experience, starting at $23.00 per hour for adult coaches with less experience and ranging up to $75.00 per hour for senior coaches and around $65,000 per annum for coordinators or employed managers.

Other Career Paths

There are other careers which gymnasts may move into, but many of these also require skills in the performing arts. They may also require the gymnast to go overseas. Some gymnasts are employed by Cirque du Soleil, others may become stunt doubles for a film.

Occasionally a stage or film production in Australia requires dancers who can also perform gymnastics skills with polished execution. These opportunities are rare and the work is intermittent. The audition process for these roles is highly competitive.

Australian gymnasts can enjoy great satisfaction while participating in the sport, but for most it will not provide a career path. It is a very expensive vocation, in time, effort and money, for very little reward.